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The mission of the Maywood Hills Library Media Center is to provide all students and staff with tools to become informed individuals who are effective users of information and technology.  We build habits of lifelong literacy and encourage a love of reading.  

The Maywood Hills Library Media and Technology Program serves as the information and learning center of the school and strives to empower students and staff with the tools to enthusiastically use and transform information.

Library Policies

How many books may I check out?

Kindergarten:  1 book.  This book must be returned to check out another book.

1st-3rd Grade:  Up to 4 books or 3 books and 2 magazines:  2 “just right” and 1-2 “for fun”.

4th-5th Grade:  Up to 5 books or 4 books and 2 magazines:  2 “just right” and 2-3 “for fun”

4th-5th grade students use self checkout and can ask to come to the library any time to get a book.

Students working on assigned projects/research will be allowed to check out more than their limit and/or check out books for classroom work even if they have overdue books.  These books are checked out to the classroom and do not go home.

How do I check my library account?

Parents and students can check their account from any computer with internet connection.  Click on the Online Catalog link on the Library Page.  In the top right hand corner of the page, click the “login” button.  Click on the "My Info" tab after logging in.

K-3rd Grade Students: 
Username:  Student ID #
Password:  Student ID # plus the letters “nsd” - no space between (example: 12345676nsd)

4-5th Grade Students: 
Username: Student ID #
Password: 8 digit birthdate (M, D, Year), no dots, dashes or slashes (example: 10012002)

When are my books due?

Books are due 2 weeks after they are checked out.  Since we have a 6-day specialist  rotation and a 14-day check out, it’s safest to remind students to return books as soon as they are done with them and not wait for their next library day.  Someone might be waiting for the book you are reading. 

Are there library fines?

There are no overdue fines. Fines ARE charged for lost or damaged books (water bottles INSIDE backpacks have killed many library books).  Parents can pay for the lost or damaged book or replace the book with an identical copy that they purchase. Fines are paid in the office, after the book is marked lost or damaged in the library system.   Students with books that are more than a month overdue or who have multiple overdues will not be allowed to check out until the fine is resolved. 

Library Hours:

Normal Hours: 
8:40 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Mrs. Renee Huizenga

A picture of librarian Renee Huizenga
Hello from Mrs. Huizenga

Hello from your library!  I have been a teacher-librarian at Maywood Hills since January, 2011.  My own kids attended Maywood when they were in elementary school, so I've been around the school for awhile. Teaching in the library allows me to indulge in two of my favorite things:  reading and researching...and I enjoy helping you with both! Whether you are looking for a just right book or one more source for a research project, I am here to assist you. 
The Caiman in the picture is not mine.  She belongs to the Reptile Man. But I do have pets both at home and at school. Besides the 55 gallon fish tank in the library, I have a "grandsnake" at home: a Regal Python named Dante, and several chickens who live in the coop in my backyard.