Emergency Prep at Maywood Hills

Drills and Release Information

Regular fire drills, earthquake drills and lockdowns are held here at school so that in a disaster, responses would be automatic. In emergencies (such as power outage, ice, or snow) students will be kept in classrooms until safe for them to leave when school buses are available. Parents may pick up their children by checking in at the office. Please be sure your family has a sound "plan" in place for when there is an emergency school closure. Make sure your emergency contact information is up to date and that your emergency pick up people are listed. We will not release students to anyone that is not on their emergency list.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Ask your students to tell you about our evacuation plan. We have all learned to evacuate to the upper playfield and line up by classroom numbers attached to the back fence. Everyone moving in one direction to a higher ground choosing one of 3 safe paths, through the back fence gate, or gate near the play equipment near the Hillside or up the stairs. Knowing where to go to be safe is very important.

Container Car Needs

This list is updated regularly. Keep checking back for our needs!
We are always adding and improving upon the items we have in the container car and emergency shed.

We are always in need of supplies. During the spring and summer time please keep watch for some of these items at garage sales or your own cleaning up activities.

Old blankets 
Plastic bins/lids 
Toilet paper 
Ace wraps
Pick ax 
gauze bandages (unsterile fine) 
small game items (cards) 
Tarps (big or small (10x20 we need at least 45 tarps that size) 
Pavilion tent
Duct tape
Bungee cords
Camper stoves (propane w fuel)