Student Handbook

Below you will find the topic sections from the Maywood Hills student handbook.  If you are interested in the Rights and Responsibilities handbook for the Northshore School District you may use the following link. NSD Rights & Responsibilities

A PDF version of the Maywood Hills Student Handbook is available for printing or downloading for your convenience.  

Maywood Hills Student Handbook

Principal Letter

Principal Letter

September, 2017

Dear Maywood Families,

Welcome to Maywood. We are looking forward to working with your family this year. We hope you will find this booklet helpful in outlining some of the practices and procedures at our school. Please go over the information enclosed with your child and keep it handy as a convenient resource. We hope it will be just the beginning of rich and meaningful communication between your family and ours.

As a parent of a fourth grader and a seventh grader, I know first-hand the importance of quality schools. My dreams and aspirations for my children - both for their tangible success and for a less definable future “happiness” - will be directly impacted by the habits of mind and body attributable in large part to their education.

The staff at Maywood Hills knows this as well, and is committed to ensuring that every child is provided the opportunity and encouragement to work to their potential. The combination of a talented staff, motivated students, and caring involved parents helps make Maywood Hills an exceptional school.

Throughout the year you and the staff will have opportunities to discuss the academic and social growth of your children and work as a team to help them reach their full potential. We are eager to share in a partnership with you for their benefit. Your child's success and well being at school are our most important priorities.

I encourage each of you to be an active part of the Maywood Hills PTA. This amazing organization has accomplished many wonderful things to enhance the quality of our students’ education. Becoming a member of the PTA is a great way to get to know your children’s friends and their parents.

If you have any questions or concerns during the school year, please feel free to call or stop by.

Sonja Hoeft Principal

Staff List (by grade level / position)

Maywood Hills Staff List

Sonja Hoeft, Principal
Megan Ham, Dean of Students
Patty Ponce, Office Manager
Marne Nienaber, Office Secretary
Peggy Sturm-VanderPol, Nurse


Wendi Coombs
Amanda Farrenkopf
Alicia Johnson
Ashley Kuhlmann
Kirsten Nelson

First Grade

Sarah Adkinson
Kate Andrews
Karly Gnoinsky
Janet Hudson
Maxine Miceli
Becky Pilgrim

Second Grade

Dana Landeros
Jessica Murphy 
Chris Roper
Jo Sanchez
Barbara Scheel

Third Grade

Emily Burnett
Christina Charlesworth
Mary Navalinski
Tina Rice
Lisa Vorwerk

Fourth Grade

Heather Erickson
Sarah Meyer
Heather Thomson
Kayla Valentino

Fifth Grade

Melanie LaChapelle
Scott Herman
Jacquie Monks
Susan Sires


Renee Huizenga   -   Librarian
Linda Hajjar   -   PE
Cheryl McFarlane   -   PE
Twila Bartlow   -   Music / P.E.
Jan Winters   -   Music
Laura White   -   Science
Shelly Dunn   -   Science/ELL

Other Staff as Listed

Melodie Wiggin   -   Pri Blended
Jaclin Culp   -   Para-Educator
Michelle Nilsen   -   Para-Educator
Michelle Speed   -   Para-Educator
Cindy Powers   -   Para-Educator

Emily Sullivan   -   Int Blended
Candace Nybo   -   Para-Educator
Jayne Ritter   -   Para-Educator
Lucie White   -   Para-Educator
Stacey Swearingen   -   Para-Educator

Kakina Lawson   -   SpEd LC
Michelle Moody   -   SpEd LC
Joanne McDaniel   -   Para-Educator
Kato, Paula   -   Para-Educator
April Cunningham   -   Para-Educator
Angela Atwood   -   OT/PT
Jessica Zvaleuskas   -   OT/PT
Jan Quint   -   SLP
Erin Johnson   -   SLP

Sherry Weber   -   Counselor
Diane Schultz   -   Psychologist

Salina Greig   -   LAP//ELL
Julie Glore-Kroll   -   ELL Para-Educator
Marda Regney   -   ELL Para-Educator
Ryanne Spielman   -   LAP Para-Educator

Mayela Martinez   -   Family Outreach

Mahmud, Rana   -   School Asst.
Minton, Maile   -   School Asst.
Glydis Santiago Lozano   -   School Asst.

Larry Pierce   -   School Technology Specialist

Ashley Campbell   -   Kitchen Manager
Deepthi Batti   -   Asst. Cook

Vacant position   -   Head Custodian
Coung Le   -   Night Custodian
Dan Spagnole   -   Mid Custodian

Office / School Information

Office/School Information


Maywood Hills Elementary
19519 104th Ave NE Bothell, WA 98011
Attendance Line 425-408-5010
Health Room 425-408-5006
Office Hours: 8:00-3:45

School Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:50-3:20
Early Release Wednesdays 8:50-1:50

Students are not to arrive on campus before 8:30am. Before this time there is no supervision and must be with an adult. Students must be picked up by 3:30 each day. There is no supervision after this time.

Office Hours and Contact Information

The Maywood Hills Main Office will be open M-F from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm each day. You may leave a message for any staff member at any time at 425-408-5000. We will return your call as soon as possible or direct your message to the correct staff member.

Messages for Students

Please do not call your individual classroom to inform of any change in pick-up or transportation. Instead, a signed and dated note should be sent to the teacher or office as early as possible if:

  • There is a change in after-school routine changes (these plans should be made at home prior to arrival on campus.)
  • The child will be picked up early for any reason

If something changes during the day please call the front office. Students will not be able to call home to make alternate plans.

Phone calls for students and staff phone calls into the classroom can be disruptive to instruction. With the exception of emergencies, we will not disrupt a classroom for phone conversations. Parents and guardians will be transferred to voicemail or asked to leave a message for the intended recipient. Information that students do not need until the end of the day will be delivered to classrooms before students leave at 3:20 pm.

Arrival / Dismissal Procedures

School Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


  • Students are expected to arrive between 8:30 and 8:50 am and should go directly to their morning line up spot.
  • Any student arriving prior to 8:30 must be participating in a before-school program. There is no adult supervision before 8:30.
  • Students should use designated sidewalks and walkways on school grounds. Students should not walk between busses/cars or through the parking lot.

For safety reasons, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates and shoes with wheels are not allowed on campus. Bicycles are allowed only when the student comes with a parent and a plan has been approved by an administrator.



Bus Riders:
  • A teacher will escort bus riders to their designated bus line outside.
  • Students are expected to comply with school rules as well as rules set by their bus driver.
  • A parent or approved adult must be at the bus stop to pick up a kindergarten student.
Parent Pick-Up:
  • Parents should wait for students on the sidewalk in front of the main office. Please do not pick up under the popcorn tree in the courtyard.
  • Parents picking kids up from their car should park in designated parent pick-up areas outside the school fence.
  • The upper lot has a car pick up area. If in this area, please do not leave your car and quickly have your child enter the vehicle. If your child is not ready or you do not see them yet, please pull into a parking spot to allow the flow of traffic to continue.
  • Kindergarten students will need to be picked up at the designated kinder spot.
  • Students walking home should head straight home and check in before coming back to campus for any social reasons. Walkers should not hang out at school after the bell has rung, as there is no supervision.




  • Please let the office know if your child will be absent from school. Please call the school attendance line at (425) 408-5010.
  • Any student arriving later than 8:50 am will need to check in at the main office and receive a tardy slip before going to their classroom.
  • Frequent absences/tardies will result in a letter home and may include an action plan to ensure consistent attendance.

The importance of prompt and regular school attendance by students is emphasized at Maywood Hills Elementary School. Regular attendance is necessary if students are to profit fully from learning experiences offered in school. Students miss significant instruction when they are absent from school, therefore, any absence affects student learning. Frequent absences and tardies will be addressed by the principal or designee. The school may take a variety of actions to help improve a student’s attendance and timeliness, including the conversion of 3 unexcused or unacceptable tardies to an unexcused absence.

If there are extenuating circumstances causing increased tardiness and/or absences, please notify the office. If your child will be absent or late, please call the attendance line at 425-408- 5010. We value your child’s safety and would like to know where he/she is if not in school. The school requires a written note or phone message from the parent
explaining the absence or late arrival. No notification within 5 days of absence will prompt the notation of an unexcused absence on the child’s record. Please see Unexcused Absences below for more information.


Children arriving late to school are listed as tardy on the permanent record. The following are considered unexcused tardies: missed bus, late ride, overslept, babysitting, meals, appointment for person other than the student, errands, taking a sibling to school, etc. Excessive tardies are disruptive to a child’s education, fellow students and the teacher who begins teaching right at 8:50 am. Students who arrive in their classrooms after the 8:50 am bell rings will be considered tardy and must check into the office before going to the classroom. A Tardy Slip will be issued. Students arriving after 8:50 am because a bus arrived late will not be marked tardy, but must check into the office to verify attendance before going to class.

Excused Absences

Excused absences or late arrivals considered appropriate by the school district include student illness, family emergencies, special religious observances, medical/dental appointments, and school-sponsored activities. We urge you to make certain these are the only reasons for your child missing school. Absences or tardies not covered in the above stated instances may be deemed appropriate at the discretion of the principal. If a student has chronic excused absences parents may be asked to come in for a meeting to discuss attendance.

Unexcused Absences

The following are considered unexcused absences: no call or written response from the parent within 5 days of absence, missed bus, late ride, overslept, babysitting, meals, appointment for person other than the student, errands, taking a sibling to school, etc. Field trips are an extension of the classroom. When a family decides that a student is unable to attend a field trip, the student is expected to be in school. If a student has either seven unexcused absences in any month or ten unexcused absences during the school year, the school must file a truancy petition with the King County Court. (Please see the Northshore School District website,, for the full text of the NSD Board Policy on Excused and Unexcused Absences Policy No. 3122).

Extended Absences from School

Families who take extended vacations (greater than two days) must inform the office and teachers ahead of time in writing. Please ask the front office for a “Notification of Extended Absence” form to fill out, or visit the website to fill it out electronically.

Please note that if your child is going to miss more than 20 consecutive days of school, it is Washington State policy that we must withdraw your child and then re-enroll them upon returning. When they return, students are not guaranteed the same class placement. We strongly discourage extended absences from school. There is no replacement for school attendance, and with the depth and variety of components included within the NSD curriculum, it is not possible for teachers to provide work to cover the missed instruction and group learning.

Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectations

Maywood Hills is committed to maintaining a safe and positive learning community.
Students are expected to display the following:


- Treat other students, parents, staff and all others on campus the way you want to be treated.


- Know the rules and do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Ready to Learn

- Be present, be on time, be prepared and never stop trying.


- Follow the rules at all times and in all areas on campus. Listen to adult directions and behave in a safe manner.


- Show respect, protect one another, and be the kind of friend you want to have.

Our Maywood Hills community uses a tiered approach when addressing student conduct that teaches positive behavior and allows students to learn from their mistakes.

Minor concerns are handled on the spot (in the classroom, on the playground, or other areas of the school). Staff will assist students in understanding the expected behavior and reinforce student’s abilities to make responsible choices through positive reinforcement.

Staff will clearly define the expected behavior and provide opportunities for students to learn from their mistakes with appropriate consequences for their behavior. When repeated minor concerns or more major offenses occur that cannot be handled by the classroom discipline plan then Maywood Admin support or an Office Behavior Referral may be needed.

If repeated major offenses, severe disrespect or dangerous or illegal behavior happened then Maywood Hills Administration will always intervene. Consequences may include in-school or out-of-school suspension and/or other methods that address the seriousness of the offense. Parents will always be notified at this level.

Classroom Celebrations

Classroom Celebrations

Classroom celebrations are a fun and exciting part of the school year. During Curriculum Night, teachers will share their plan for classroom celebrations.

Please abstain from sending balloon bouquets, birthday invitations or birthday treats to school. Chat with your child’s teacher about non-food ways to celebrate a birthday.

The school directory is a great place to gather contact information for any students your child is looking to invite to a party. Please contact the PTA for this directory.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

At Maywood Hills we build educated students in an age where electronics are all around them and they are digital natives. Our Digital Citizenship curriculum is taught by our school librarian and is reinforced by all classroom teachers. There are eight main areas that the curriculum includes:

  • Internet Safety
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Digital Footprint & Reputation
  • Information Literacy
  • Privacy & Security
  • Cyber Bullying & Digital Drama
  • Self-Image & Identity
  • Creative Credit & Copyright

The Rights & Responsibilities Handbook Concerning Student Conduct prohibits the misuse or inappropriate use of technology (including Websites and e-mail) that interferes with or disrupts the educational process. The inappropriate use of electronic communication, whether initiated at school or not, that violates district policies against harassment, discrimination, intimidation and bullying is not permitted. It is a violation of student codes of conduct to invade the privacy of or to misrepresent someone through electronic communications. The Northshore School District takes these violations seriously and those who are found to have committed such violations will face harsh disciplinary actions.

The Responsible Use Procedure applies to staff, students and guests who utilize: district- owned technology on the NSD network, on non-school networks and offline; non-district technology, including privately owned technology that is connected to the NSD network or non-district networks while on school property. Please also see Responsible Use Procedure 2022P (

Electronic Devices / Cell Phones

Electronic Devices/Cell Phones

Electronic devices are not permitted in the classroom except when approved by the classroom teacher.

We do recognize that families may have a need to for their child to have a cell phone. If a student brings a cell phone to school, it should be turned off/silent and kept in their backpack during the school day. If a student needs to make a call during the day, they should talk to their teacher about the best way to do this. If a parent needs to contact a student, they should do so through the office, not the student’s cell phone during the school day.

Students using cell phones or cameras in an inappropriate way may be cited for harassment/bullying/cheating. This includes photographing or recording someone without their permission.

If these rules are not followed, the device may be confiscated and disciplinary action taken

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

At Maywood Hills we offer a variety of extra curricular activities for all grade levels. Some occur during the school day while a number are before and after school. Please look for fliers coming home for specific activities. Some of the offered activities include but are not limited to:

  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field
  • Orchestra/Band
  • Math Club
  • Girls on the Run
  • Garden Club
  • ASB
  • Chess Club
  • Garden Club
  • Maker Space
  • Boeing STEM
  • Coding Classes
  • Math Olympiad
  • Tiger Tales
  • Robotics
  • And Many More!

Health Room Information

Health Room Information

We have a registered nurse at school every day between the hours of 8:50-3:20 pm.
She can be reached by telephone at (425) 408-5006


The Washington school immunization law requires that students be properly immunized and the dates of immunization provided to the school before the student begins attending.


Any medication, including Tylenol, ibuprofen, cough drops, etc. can only be transported to and from school by a parent or legal guardian. Students may not have any form of medication on their person unless the doctor orders the medication to be with or near the student. Please inform Nurse Peggy if you have an individualized special situation.

Items from Home

Items from Home

Items brought from home, including toys and potential valuables, can create a substantial disruption to the learning environment. The school cannot take responsibility for these items. Items from home are not allowed at school and should be left at home to avoid loss, damage or theft. Arrangements must be made with your child’s teacher prior to bringing any special items to school based on specific, scheduled classroom events. Any item brought to school without the teacher’s permission will be taken from the student and held by the classroom teacher or in the school office for parent pick up.

Students may not buy, sell or trade items on school grounds and the school is not responsible for lost or damaged items. This includes but is not limited to; PokeĢmon cards, fidget spinners, and other trading cards. These items should be kept at home in a safe location. If a decision is made between the parent, student and teacher that a specific tool should be used in the classroom an agreement/contract will be signed for approved use. Please see ‘Lost and Found’ for additional information regarding lost items.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

At Maywood Hills, best policy is that if it is valuable/important; leave it at home to prevent lost items. In the event that something does get lost at school:

  • Clothing/Accessories found on school grounds will be taken to the Lost and Found rack.
  • The Lost and Found is located in the breezeway in front of the main office or in the hallway next to the library.
  • Unclaimed items are sent to a charitable organization on a regular basis.

In order for us to best help your student keep track of their things, we encourage you to write their name (first and last) somewhere on the inside (the tag is a great spot for this!) of their coat/jacket/hat/etc.

Meal Plan

Meal Plan

Each student receives a lunch card that they will use at lunchtime in the food line. Additional information, including meal costs, can be found below.

Breakfast is available in the kitchen every morning starting at 8:35 A.M.

Parents can pay for meals:

  • Using the Bank a Meal envelope
  • Calling PayPams at 1-888-994-5100
  • Going to

Application forms regarding the free / reduced lunch programs are available in the school office.


  • Breakfast: $1.75
  • Reduced Breakfast: Free
  • Lunch: $3.00
  • Reduced Lunch: $0.40
  • Milk: $0.50

Prices are subject to change



Posted at the entrance of most gates on our campus is a sign that reads, “No Dogs or other Animals”. We are asking that all pets stay off our campus both before and after school. Service animals are of course exempt from this. This policy supports the many different needs of our students, staff and family and ensures that all of our students feel safe on campus. Please keep your pets at home when walking students to and from school, or decide on a goodbye/hello location that is at the edge of our property. Thank you for helping to support this.

No Pets or animals are allowed in the classroom, with the exception of service animals.



We promote educational honesty and ethical behavior among students. We discourage plagiarism as documented in the Northshore School District Student Handbook. Matters in question will be taken very seriously.



On our school playground, we expect students to follow our discipline guidelines:

  • Students act responsibly by staying in designated areas, getting permission before leaving the playground. Understanding the rules, taking care of and returning recess equipment, and lining up promptly when the bell rings are expected behaviors.
  • Students work together by showing good sportsmanship, using kind words, respecting others, taking turns with equipment, and being cooperative and inclusive in their play.
  • Students stay safe by following rules for all recess equipment, keeping their hands and feet to themselves, considering others personal space while playing in games and on equipment, and listening to all directions from recess supervisors.

Maywood Hills playfield has no adult supervision before or after school. Students should not be on the playfield without an adult present.



The PTA is a vital part of our children’s school experience. The Maywood Hills PTA partners with teacher and administrators to provide programs and services, supplies, and volunteers for a variety of support areas including;

  • Classroom Grants
  • Science and art programs
  • Books for the library and book room
  • After-school enrichment programs
  • Science Fair and Art Gallery Night
  • Scholarships for field trips
  • Communications
  • Staff Appreciation
  • WatchDogs
  • ...and more!

Joining a monthly meeting is a great way to learn more about PTA. For more information please reach out to our Membership chair by email at membership@maywoodhills



Students are expected to treat restrooms respectfully and maintain clean and sanitary practices.

  • Flushing the toilet.
  • Washing hands.
  • Throwing paper towels in a trash receptacle.
  • Promptly return to class.

Restrooms that are single person use are gender neutral. Multi stall restrooms are gender specific.
Per district policy, all students are permitted to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.



Maywood students attend specialist on a rotating 6-day schedule. Within each 6-day cycle, they have two PE classes, two Music classes, one Library and one Science. Check the Maywood Hills website to see the current rotation calendar.

Library (once every 6 days):

In addition to building a lifelong love of reading, Library lessons support reading and research students are doing in the classroom and help them develop technology and digital citizenship skills. Students’ check out 1-6 books at each library session depending on their grade level and how many books they already have checked out. Books are checked out for two weeks. Due to the 6-day rotation, books are never due exactly on a student’s library day. We do not charge fines for overdue books, but lost or damaged books will be charged a replacement fee.

Music (twice every 6 days):

All students receive general music instruction, which includes music enjoyment, beginning music theory, grade level appropriate instrument instruction, movement to music, singing and much more. 1st - 5th grade all have the opportunity to participate in a performance experience.

P.E. (twice every 6 days):

Students are taught a variety of activities in the hopes to instill a love of being active that will carry on into adulthood. All fifth graders take a curriculum-based assessment that deals with the health related components of fitness. Students in grades 3 through grade 5 take the Northshore FITT physical fitness test that includes pushups/ curl  ups/ running and a flexibility test. All students are encouraged to try their best and to have fun.

Science (once every 6 days):

These Science sessions supplement Science taught by the classroom teachers. Northshore elementary students use TCI (Teachers' Curriculum Institute): "Bring Science Alive!" as a resource to meet Next Generations Science Standards (NGSS). Students work through lessons both in their classrooms and during specialist sessions using hands-on materials and technology to develop skills. Science grades on student report cards reflect classroom science with input from specialist sessions.

Student Dress Code

Student Dress Code

Our goal is to maintain a focused learning environment. Appropriate school dress increases the likelihood of appropriate school behavior. Families may be called to provide alternate clothing if necessary.

  • Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for all Pacific Northwest weather. Please remember that students go outside each day.  Rain or shine.
  • Clothing should not expose back, midriff, undergarments or areas typically covered by undergarments. Skirts and shorts should be at least as long as the length of the fingertips when arms are extended to the side.
  • Any items (clothing, jewelry, headwear or accessories) with words or pictures that promote any activities prohibited by the NSD Student Code of Conduct, or other items that might otherwise disrupt the teaching and learning process are not allowed.
  • Shoes need to be appropriate for P.E. and playground activities. Students should not wear flip-flops or high heels for safety reasons.
  • Hats and hoods may not be worn indoors, but may be worn outside as long as they are not a distraction. Hats may be worn in the classroom at the teacher’s discretion, and based on their classroom policy.


Volunteering at School

Families are encouraged to participate in school functions and volunteer in our classrooms. Volunteerism is a crucial aspect of our school community. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding volunteering at school:

  • Volunteer forms, including the WSP background check form, must be on file in the office before volunteering in the classroom or participating in an activity / field trip. Forms are available in the office.
  • Contact your child’s teacher to schedule a day and time before visiting the classroom.
  • Sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor badge before going to the classroom.
  • Respect teacher spaces and learning environments. The staff room is for staff use only.
  • For the safety of small children, we ask they not be brought along during volunteering times.
  • Information or observations about individual children are to be kept confidential.